With the ability to control your heating and hot water systems from an app, it will never be cold in the house when you get home and hot water will always be on tap.

The latest technology is now being used to control your home environment. With the Evohome and Nest controllers you simply download an app or use Alexa or Google Home to control the individual room thermostats fitted by our engineers in your home.  We can even link this up into an existing SmartHome setups and intergrate multiple routines, so when you drive down your road, your heating will come on, the lights will turn on and you can even set that kettle to boil so you have a nice warm brew ready to be made on a cold winters night.

We are a recognised Honeywell Installer Network Member and can install Evohome and Lyric smart controllers along with Nest and Phillips Hue products, giving you the ability to control your home environment from your smartphone, tablet or Amazon Alexa or Google Home. 

Take a look at some of the videos below to get a better understanding of what these products can do to take your home into the SmartHome era.